how much is your house worth?

Looking to sell, but not sure what your property is worth? Maybe you are just wondering what competing properties are being marketed at?

The keys to establishing what your house is worth are the asking price of local comparable properties and the prices achieved for recent sales.  Simply enter your property details and we will provide you with similar properties to help you compare prices.


quality leads

I have been involved with Pricemyhouseforfree for about 6 months: I’m getting leads at about the rate I want & can handle.
Of what I’ve had I have already listed 3 properties, & of the rest I anticipate about 1/3rd coming to market within 6 months to a year, & another 1/3rd within a year to three. And lovely quality of leads, too! Few having any relationship with any agent, and maybe 1/3 having been in their houses for many years.
It is a great system!

Colin Kelly 021 439 727

37 appraisals from June to August

I think Pricemyhouseforfree is another great way and tool to get appraisals and our face and company profile to the area.

I have been with Pricemyhouseforfree since mid-June 2016 and I have had 37 appraisals from June to August! That’s an amazing result in a market where listings are at an all-time low.

I can recommend this system to anyone lucky enough to get an area offered to them.
Call me if you like.

Karen Kiely
Leaders lower Hutt  Ph: 02103209573

quality leads

I would highly recommend Pricemyhouseforfree to anyone wishing to grow their business.
It gives you the ability to get in front of quality leads earlier than normal in the selling process, and I have found that with the right follow up you will be the only agent called in when the time is right for them to sell.  
Add pricemyhouse4free to your prospecting plan and reap the future financial rewards.
Feel free to contact me for more info on 0272249813 or email
Will Calder

grow your business

I would highly recommend Pricemyhouseforfree to anyone wishing to grow their business.
This is the best lead generating system I have ever seen and I have seen many over years in the business. Whoever came up with this idea is simply a genius!
If you are given the opportunity to have an area grab it with both hands and reap the future financial rewards.
Bloody marvelous system!!

Feel free to contact me for more info on 0272034669 Lisa Tranter

regular requests for appraisals

I am currently involved with Price My House for Free as I was lucky enough to be offered this opportunity in my region.
I am receiving regular requests for appraisals and this gives me an opportunity to increase my client database as well as being the first point of call for many clients who have not previously been aligned with one agent in particular.  It is a great way to get your name and company profile out into your region as being the ‘area expert’ and with the right follow up should in turn secure those ‘all important’ listings!

Craig Pashby 0217 231 1235
Licensed Sales Consultant LEADERS VILLA REAL ESTATE
Awarded Villa Real Estate Kapiti’s #1 Individual Agent for 2013 & 2015