What’s the value of my property?

Sometimes you just want to know what your property is worth without having a real estate professional visit your house. The appraisal may be for insurance, a bank appraisal, or just because you are curious about the value of your home. This is a free property appraisal carried out online by handpicked area experts using a comparative market analysis (CMA) system. The more information you provide the more accurate our area specialists can be.
This is an estimate of the likely sales price of your home or property in the current market. For a more accurate appraisal or information on the best method of sale for you, just contact us at and we can guide you further.

How are your permits and Certificate of Completion and Compliance?

Insurance companies are tougher on properties that don’t have permits or Certificate of completion (CCC) on record. If you have a problem with missing permits or CCCs contact us and we can advise you on what you can do.
Remember, no permits or CCC can mean no insurance which could mean no mortgage finance for your purchaser.

Pre-sale assessments.

We also provide a free report on what you can do to optimise your sale price. We guide you on what to spend your money on and what not to. (It may be necessary to do a free 10-minute visit to the property for this). This is a no-obligation service provided by our Area Experts.

Lower Conveyancing fees!

As a Pricemyhouseforfree client, we can offer sellers and purchasers a discounted conveyancing fee!
Email us at: for more information.